Basic Knowhow Required To Copy DVD’s

The digital world is growing by leaps and bounds with each passing day. The Internet has today become a staple for information and knowledge. With the amount of data stored on the Internet, a proper offline concept for storing data is necessary and essential. While a few years ago, storing huge amounts of data was a problem, today it is quite simple with the DVD.

The Digital Versatile Disc, coined into the Digital Video Disc, or the DVD, as it is popularly known is a upgraded version of the Compact Disc, or the CD. There are various features and advantages of a DVD or a CD. For one, while the largest capacity of a CD was around 600 to 700 MB, the capacity of a DVD can be anything between 3 and 4 GB. Also, a DVD lasts longer than a CD. The DVD also has a greater security against scratches and breakage.Do you want to learn more? Visit trading dvd recommended on

Needless to say, such big capacities of data and media need to be copied on portable and non portable devices. Therefore, there are special DVDs which can be recorded or ‘written’ upon. There are two kinds of recordable DVDs, DVD-R and DVD-RW. A DVD-R can be written upon only once, while a DVD-RW can be written upon a set number of times.

A special computer device is used to copy DVDs. In normal cases, DVDs are copied with the help of the DVD writer. These DVD writers are different from the normal DVD ROM. A DVD ROM can be used only to view DVDs and CDs. Most DVD ROMs and DVD writers have the capability to view and write CDs too.

While DVDs are mainly used to store data, they are also used to store movies. Such video DVDs are a rage amongst movie buffs. Firstly, if used properly, Video DVDs can store up to five movies, as compared to the CDs, which could store only one movie. These DVDs also have subtitles, which are stored as .bmp images.

Copying DVD video is a somewhat different process than copying data DVDs. Various data copying software tools have a special feature to copy DVD video. DVD video can be copied by the traditional ‘file-to-file-folder-to-folder’ system and is quite simple. All you need to do is to open the DVD writer, choose the file or a clip to be copied and then it can either be dragged directly into DVD or can be browsed, selected and copied.