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Social Security Number Theft

While no doubt you have heard of different types of identity theft, you may not have heard a great deal about social security number theft. Most of the time when you think of identity theft you think of someone stealing your credit card number or other financial information. Although this can be dangerous and cause a myriad of problems, social security number theft is even security card application fee an excellent resource for this.

What is Social Security Number Theft?

Social security number theft occurs when someone actually takes your social security number and creates a new identity under it. This means that not only is your number used for you, but also by the fake identity created by the identity thief. This new type of identity theft is much harder to catch as well, and many times people’s lives can spiral out of control before they even realize what has happened to them.In some cases, thieves have created new persons and worked under this new fake identity and then failed to pay their income taxes, which resulted in the victim suddenly being in trouble with the government. People have also committed crimes under these fake identities and then when the victim went to get a loan or apply for a job, their background check showed that they had been arrested and convicted for various crimes. Of course under these new identities the identity thieves can also create bank accounts, get credit cards, and new cell phones, all under the social security number of the victim.

Preventing Social Security Number Theft

This type of identity theft is extremely scary, so you will want to make sure that you do everything possible to prevent this type of theft from occurring. First of all you need to be sure that you are careful about giving out your social security number, and never do this over the phone. Also avoid carrying your social security card with you in case your wallet or purse gets stolen. You may also want to make sure that your social security number is not the number on your drivers license as well.If you do suspect that you may be a victim of social security number theft, one of the first places you should look is on your social security statement. Look to make sure that there is no income listed that you are not aware of too. Checking your credit report regularly is important too. This type of identity theft should be taken extremely seriously, as it now is the most prevalent type of identity theft that is occurring.

Kratom Dosage Experience

The users of this plant are reported to have euphoria experience in a low dose. It also relieves pain and anxiety. It can increase the level of alertness and helps improve sleep. It can make a person feel energized throughout the day.Read More Here

Side effects for the first time users

Using Kratom needs to have moderation. Proper dosage is the key to have the right effect. However, if you are a first-timer, you may experience one or a combination of these side effects:

-Nausea -Vomiting -Felling sick

You may start with a lower dose, and then you can gradually increase it. With this process, you can be able to access how your body reacts to a certain level of dosage. Using Kratom will then be so much fun.

The right Kratom formulation

Kratom comes in many forms and dosages. These two characteristics affect the potency of Kratom on the user. Here are the common forms of Kratom that you can see in the market today:

Extract- This is the most potent form of all.

Powder form or in loose capsule form – This has lower potency than the extract but higher than crushed leaf.

Fresh leaves-Fresh leaves that are crushed and chewed have the mildest effects among the available formulation. However, you can find this very rare in any Kratom stores. Mostly, the capsule and the powder form are the ones that are available.

Potency in dosages As the level of potency varies according to form and dosage, here is what you can get if you use:

Related image

Fresh crushed leaves

  1. Dosage of 3 to 5 grams- mild potency.
  2. Dosage of 6 to 8 grams- medium potency
  3. Dosage of 9 to 15 grams- strong potency

Powder form

  1. Dosage of 1 to 2 grams- mild Potency
  2. Dosage of 3 to 5 grams- medium potency
  3. Dosage of 6 to 8 grams- strong potency

Extract form

  1. Dosage of 1 gram- mild potency
  2. Dosage of 2 grams- medium potency
  3. Dosage of 3 grams- strong potency

Effects at high doses

When taken at high doses, the sedating effect is magnified. The user may feel very calm and sleepy. You do not feel pain both emotionally and physically. You would prefer to lie down and listen to music. This way, your senses can feel the harmony in a very pleasurable way.

Negative effects

Although Kratom is used for medicinal purposes, it is also used for pleasure. Overdosing of Kratom may result to:

-Loss of appetite

-Excessive sweating

-Dry mouth

-Feeling of the need to urinate


-Prolonged sleep

-Buying online

There are a lot of Kratom dealers on the internet. However, some of these vendors are not selling high quality products. According to an independent research, it was found that 10% of the vendors online are not selling pure Kratom capsules. Conducting personal inspection of the capsules you purchased should be done first before you buy a bulk.

Bad or good experience can be achieved depending on the use of Kratom. You have to check the right formulation and the right dosage, because these two factors greatly affect the potency of its use.

Guide To Change Address Bar Color Chrome

Tracing historical or past records can sometimes prove to be quite difficult. If you are wondering how you can find out about some of the places where someone has stayed, then get some ideas from the following article.change address bar color chrome

Lets us look at some ideas that you can try on how to find old addresses for people. To get this information one would have to use files and records where address information is kept, updated and also freely searchable. One thing you can do is access the white pages for the previous number of years. You can search for them there and see if they appear and where they lived.

The other option would be to access public statistic records and search through them as well. Things like census records have this information and you can use these records to find out someone’s previous addresses. You can select various records and begin searching backwards and note the details provided at each census conducted. There are other records from this office that you can use as well as ways of how to find old addresses for people.

You can approach the electricity company or the gas company and find out where the previous bills of this person where being sent to. They have these records with them and each time someone changes an address the record gets updated but the old information is still there. This is something else that you can try.

The alternative way of how to find old addresses for people is to use some of the search sites on the net. There are some that specialize in this search and they should be able to trace the information that you want for you. There are also residential address databases that you can use that should work just as well too.

About Social Security Administration

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has a very structured method of determining whether someone is disabled. SSA will find an individual disabled if he or she meets the five step Social Security disability evaluation process. The five step Social Security disability process includes: (1) Are you performing substantial gainful activity; (2) Is your condition severe; (3) Does your condition meet or exceed a listed impairment; (4) Can you do previous work; and (5) What work can you do? If someone meets all five of the steps of the evaluation process, then that person will be adjudicated as disabled and accordingly receive disability benefits. For someone with low vision or macular degeneration for example, that person would need to meet the five step standard in order to be classified as disabled. However, the Social Security disability program for blind claimants is unique and has somewhat different rules then the regular program. You may want to check out replacement office social security for more.

The rules for being considered blind by SSA are somewhat different from the regular five step process. For SSA to find someone blind, that person would have to meet the medical definition of blindness, durational requirement, be insured, and to not have obtained their loss of vision through certain felony related impairments.

Step One: What does it take to be blind?

An individual has to meet a specific medical definition of blindness. The SSA defines blindness by statute and requires a central visual acuity of 20/200 or less in the better eye with best corrective lens or a field of vision of 20 degrees or less. 20 CFR 404.1581. In other words, if the better of your two eyes has worse vision than 20/200, you will meet the statutory definition of blindness. Unlike regular Social Security disability claims, an individual cannot merely equal the requirement under the third step of the five step evaluation process. The person’s vision must be less than 20/200.

Step Two: What is the durational requirement?

Even though your vision in your better eye may be worse than 20/200, you still will not be legally blind if you do not meet the durational requirement. An individual’s blindness is expected to last continuously for a 12 month period. Five months of loss of vision will not meet the durational requirement nor will five months of on and off loss of vision. If the individual’s better eye is less than 20/200 and has continuously met that requirement for 12 months, then the first two steps have been met.

Step Three: What does it mean to be insured for disability purposes?

The typical disability claimant must have contributed a certain amount of money for a specified time to qualify as insurable for disability purposes. However, blind claimants have no recent work requirement.

Step Four: Is a felony-related loss of vision considered?

SSA will not consider any aggravation of a preexisting impairment arising during the commission of a felony after October 19, 1980, if you are subsequently convicted of the crime. In other words, if you lost your vision do to being poked in the eyes, burned, or any other activity related to your commission of a crime and are subsequently convicted, SSA will invalidate your claim.

If an individual has met these different steps, SSA should find that you are legally blind. It is important to note that even if you do not meet these steps, you can still apply for regular disability benefits through the five step Social Security disability evaluation process.

What Are The 10 Best Foods for a Teenager to Eat?-Some Insights

Healthy food is very important for the people belong to all age groups, especially kids and teens. Teenagers can neither called adults nor children. Therefore, it is very important to take the healthy food during your teenage so that later one can take the responsibility of the life. The parents of these teenagers have to be very careful while selecting the proper diet and food because the nutrition energy requirements of these teenagers are generally different and higher than the others age group people. What are the 10 best foods for a teenager to eat?

Balance diet

The diet of a teenager should be balanced and must contain the proper combination of minerals, vitamin E, B, C, carbohydrate, protein, fiber, fat and a lot of fluid containing food and other liquids.


Protein is very important for the teenagers for the muscle and bone growth. Protein is the basic source of energy. There are several protein rich foods like milk, yoghurt, soya beans, cheese and low-fat milk. Also dry fruits are rich in protein and calcium and much needed for teen growth. Most importantly if the person is a vegetarian then the above foods are very important as they have no access to protein rich non vegetarian food. The other food which contains protein is chana, karamani, rajma and dal.


Carbohydrate is a very important substance for teen growth. Potato and milk are the main source of it, and another source includes maze, roasted grains, rice and wheat.

Fiber rich food

Teenagers need a lot of vitamins and fiber rich foods. The main source of fiber rich food is green vegetables, muffins, buns, wheat, corn, Apple, Orange, Green peas, strawberries and raspberries.


Iron is very important for the teenagers for strong muscle, bone formation. Their regular diet should have a good and balanced intake of the iron. In fact, teenager girls are in need of more iron than the boys as they loss iron during menstruation cycle. For non vegetarians red meat, especially fish is a good source of iron. Apart from that fortified cereals, pulse, green vegetables, beans and lentils are also rich iron sources. Along with the food which contains vitamin C like orange and lemon is very important for teen growth. Fruit juice, Raisins, dates are also a good source of iron.


Honey is one of the best food/liquids for teenagers. It is considered to be the best remedy of diarrhea when mixed with hot water. It is very helpful when taken in the morning with empty stomach. Honey is also very important for curing the disease like cold, cough, sore throat and a skin related problems.

About Water Softener Charlotte NC

This water softeners buying guide will help you get a better overview of the water softener manufacturers in the market and what they offer. It’s important to navigate through each of these before you make your decision as to which model you’ll purchase and use.The Autotrol line of water softeners range from softeners to be used in the home to softeners that can be used in commercial buildings. They come as complete units.Do you want to learn more? Visit Water Softener Charlotte NC.

Image result for Water SoftenerThese systems will have the following features: a 12-volt wall mount transformer, a microprocessor which monitors your actual daily water usage, an good looking unit, the ability to renew itself, simple program, a NOVRAM memory chip to store water usage data, new efficient valve design, automatic flow control, internal bypass to provide water during regeneration, among others.

These water softeners range in price from around $500 to around $2000 based upon the size of the water softener. The conveniences that are included in some of the softener tanks and not others will also affect the price tag of the overall unit. These softeners are well worth the investment as they will work hard to make your water the best possible for you.

The Fleck water softeners have a variety of features on the products they offer. Each softener in their line focus on one aspect on water softening and will come in a range of sizes with that focus.

For example, the Fleck 2510 line is a line of water softeners that claim an on-demand status. These are typically residential softeners and will help control the amount of water used in the home. The meter is “on-demand” so that no water is wasted in the process of turning on or off the water. These are high flow softeners and have the benefit of being time tested units.

Image result for Water SoftenerThe Fleck 2510SE line of softeners are also “on-demand.” They also help to conserve water and limit the amount of water wasted. Yet, these are controlled by simplified electronic units. The tanks that come with these units will vary in size which will help determine their price. They will range from around $600 to around $1350.

The final Fleck product line is the Fleck 5600 Ecominder. This product, as explained by its name, is one that is more environmentally friendly and will work to help keep the planet safe. This will help control the amount of water and salt you use and they are economically priced. They will range from $450-$650.

The last line of products in this water softeners buying guide are the Clack WS1 water softener systems. They feature state of the art electronics and include a high flow rate. They are often used in combination with simple end operations for those that will control and operate them.

These tanks have high capabilities. They will range from 24,000 grain to 64,000 grain tank. They are controlled through the Clack WS1 high flow rate valve. They will differ in the amount of water they expel per minute.

The tanks themselves and the control of those tanks are all run by the state of the art technology on the Clack design. These tanks will range in price from around $620 to about $730. They can be purchased and shipped to you which will leave you to install and start using them based on the included instructions.

If you own a commercial business within an area that has hard water it’s more important than ever to ensure that you have a water softener that works well. This will mean that all water used in your business will be as healthy as possible while being used in appropriate amounts and not being wasted.

The units that are designed for higher capacities are what every business needs. Their warranties and state of the art technology will help keep costs down and give the best water possible.

Finding The Best Roofers Near Me

Homeowners walk a thin line when it comes to choosing contractors and repair services. They need to save money and watch their budget, but they need to hire professionals who are experienced and reliable. When you make price your only deciding factor, you will quickly realize you are not saving a great deal of money in the long run.Roofers near me

You might need to bring in another contractor to repair mistakes or the process might take much longer than expected. Cutting costs is important, but when it is the most important part of a process, you usually end up regrets. Mistakes need to be avoided when dealing with your home. This is why you need a top rate, professional roofer.

For starters, top rated roofers use top rated materials. Even if you do not choose top of the line building materials when planning your roof, an experienced roofer will understand and be able to explain the different options. He can tell you what your best choice is in each price range. Inexperienced roofers are going to look at their bottom line. If this means telling you a material is higher quality than it is, he might do that. If you are working with a professional roofer, you will get honest details about building materials.

Top rated roofers offer a level of professionalism not found in low ranked roofers. Those with the best reviews usually receive those reviews based on more than just the quality of the roof. Professionalism is important and it can ease a multitude of sins. For instance if your roofer makes a mistake about the length of time the project will take, his professionalism can make you feel better about the situation. When things are handled properly, even if they are mistakes and missteps, you can deal with it and still be happy with the roofing job.

Top rated professional roofers provide protection for homeowners. They are bonded and insured, so you and the contractor are protected. If an accident should occur, nobody is held responsible, but the person injured is still take care of. Your home is also protected because top rate roofers have evaluated their employees. You can be confident working with a top rate worker, even if you are unable to be present for all of the working hours.

Finally, professional roofers are experienced. It does not matter what your job is, experience gives you an edge. The more years you do something, the more you are going to know. Even if you were not the most talented at the beginning of your career, the more time you spend performing an action, the better you will get at it. You will encounter challenges and learn how to overcome those challenges. This means when you encounter these same challenges again you know what to do.

Know More About Heating Repair Near Me

If you need heating or cooling repair you probably already know how urgent this situation can be. You definitely will not want to spend your valuable time waiting on a technician to arrive. You will want service and you will want it in a timely manner. No matter what your heating repair issue might be the heating and cooling specialists are ready to serve you in a timely and efficient manner. They can repair all sorts of heating problems such as: You may want to check out Heating Repair near me for more.

Air flow problems

Thermostat issues

Your home is heated unevenly

Furnace failures or blower failures

No heat or just sparse heat coming from the unit

Pilot ignition problems

Tune ups to your heater

Vents that emit smells


These types of issues and many more can be addressed by a professional heating specialist. They come prepared to your home or office with a well -stocked truck and with all of the available materials they will need at their fingertips. They have technicians ready to go to work for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Even if you encounter an emergency situation they can help you in a timely manner.

Before diagnosing your issue, they will also do a safety check of your entire heating system. After diagnosing and fixing your problem you will also be offered a 2 year warranty on the job done. You no longer have to be worried about being scammed out of your hard earned money with these heating experts.

You can expect top of the line and friendly treatment by trustworthy heating technicians. They will be there when they promise, or you can have a full refund. It truly is as simple as that. They will provide you with the best solutions in the most cost effective way they know how. These top of the line companies have your best interest and satisfaction in mind. You can rest assured they will do the best job within their capabilities.

We care about the safety of our customers. This is why we employ drug free employees that you can trust. You can always have peace of mind that honest and knowledgeable professionals will be working on your heater. Check into a good heating specialists in online today and see the positive customer reviews about their quality heating services. We can assist you in all of your repair needs and do so in the most cost efficient way they know how to.

How Useful Dating Sites Can Be-A Guide

It has been said that love needs to be shared since you cannot claim that you know how to love unless you know how to take care of other person. According to studies this is human motivation based on the goal to have someone to love. Some said that it is a human need to love and be loved. This loving feeling is also one of the reasons that created the dating sites available online. But what do dating sites offer that entices many clients to avail of it? Read on to be oriented on what this type of business can do for you.Dating sites will ask you to fill out a profile so that you can start using its services. Your profile will be posted on the website so that potential lovers will be able to view you. Well, this is not a desperate attempt to find the love of your life but a method that you can use in order to find someone that will complement to your personality. Once you have a profile, people will also look at it and consider you as one of the best picks. Because of this you need to record all your good characteristics to easily find a counterpart.Have a look at Swallow Salon for more info on this.

Every so often, the procedure is much uncomplicated. Each outline has a record of quality or pursuit that affiliates verify. The further identical features that two people have the higher-ranking fraction” the dating sites will allot to it.Several sites permit clients to detail how essential every characteristic is. Each corresponding feature is given a distinctive credence depending on how imperative it is to the customer. For illustration, if you prefer Christians, but really have nothing against Buddhists and Muslims, then you will be able to classify that point at a low level. If it’s very important to you that your date is a sport fanatic, you can rank that very high. Then the dating sites will pair you with a sporty individual or one who is also a fan of your favorite basketball team.Dating sites employ a program to propose prospective counterpart and such proposal is not affected by your comment. This is a good way to find someone that will complement your personality because the procedure used in order to find the one you are compatible with will be based solely on your profile. This is entirely different if you will go to the mall and look at everyone passing by and try to rate the guys or gals in a scale of one to ten and then decide if the first one who winks at you will be a good catch. Once you avail of the services of the dating sites, you will have a decent and timely interlude and avoid one night stands that will not ultimately work out.You don’t have to think that you will be pressured to date someone who matches your attributes even if you don’t feel anything for the person. It is because in the end, it is up to you to decide who to date or to have a rendezvous with. Dating sites are just there to help you find your match but it is you who will make the decision to whom you shall give your heart to.

Hire Generator Service Deer Park

Learning you need a back up generator is often something you learn the hard way, especially when you need it for your business. Amid the concerns a business presents daily, the threat of a power outage to daily business usually isn’t one of them. But when a power outage bathes your facility in black, you remember something you’ve needed all along: an emergency back up generator. Minor power outages are common occurrences for businesses and organizations worldwide. But when an outage lasts longer than three hours, you’re looking at losing a half a day of business due to something that’s preventable. But you probably have some questions before you buy a generator, beginning with what type of generator is right for your building. Do you want to learn more? Visit Generator Service Deer Park

Consulting a Generator Services Company about Your Generator Needs

When you consult with a generator services company, you’ll discover that the type of generator you need depends on at least three factors: the size of your building, how long you’d like to maintain power in the event of an outage, and, ultimately, whether your business is one that requires uninterrupted power supply or can deal with briefly de-accessing from commercial power before accessing generator power. We take a look at these factors below.

1. The Size of your Building

Because commercial generators usually run on natural gas or diesel fuel, their fuel reservoir partially determines their size, with bigger generators usually appearing in bigger buildings. If your building is small to midsized and most of its electricity goes toward lighting and HVAC support (which is the case with most commercial buildings), a single commercial grade generator should more than serve your need.

2. How long you’d like to maintain Power in the Event of an Outage

Purchasing a generator that can supply your building with 16-20 hours of power is the safest option. If the power company can’t fix the problem on the first day, you can still do business on the second day of an outage. How long your building retains power will ultimately depend on its electricity needs in relation to a generator’s fuel reservoir. For example, a large, industrial grade generator can keep an average sized hospital in operation for 8 hours. But applying such a generator to a smaller structure could result in a supply of electricity that lasts over a week.

3. The Nature of your Power Supply Needs

The nature of your power supply needs deals with what model of generator you’ll install: one whose transfer switch operates on a break before make basis, in which commercial power is de-accessed before generator power is accessed; or one whose transfer switch operates on a make before break basis, in which the opposite occurs. Examples of outfits that require make before make are hospitals, data centers, laboratories, and defense organizations, which require uninterrupted power supply due to critical functions.