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Routine Maintenance For Heat Pumps

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A heat pump is an efficient and inexpensive choice for home heating and cooling. Heat pumps are an electrical appliance that uses very little energy to transfer heat from one area to another; and can both heat and cool your home, depending on the season. They pump the heat out in the warm seasons and pump the heat in during the colder ones. This allows a homeowner to have both options in one appliance. Heat pumps are important assets that require regular maintenance and care. This helps maintain their performance value and extend their life span. As a heat pump owner, be sure to follow through with these regular maintenance tips to keep your system running smoothly.

Exterior Heat Pump Maintenance

The outdoor heat pump unit can become lost in nature if you do not control the plant and debris accumulation around the appliance. Be sure to cut down any plants that are growing too close to the unit, as this can block the air flow to and from outside. Also, clear piled up leaves and trash, if any, to ensure a clear and open area for proper system functioning. Once this is complete, the heat exchanger coils and condensers require cleaning as well. Use a vacuum for faster results, but be sure to dust and wipe down these coils to reduce accumulation and maintain optimal performance. Checkout this content for more info.

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Interior Heat Pump Care

To increase the efficiency of your heating system, as well as, lower your monthly heating bills, be sure to change or clean the indoor air filters regularly. These filters catch dirt and debris to enhance your indoor air quality. After a few months, these filters become clogged and dirty, rendering them nonfunctional. It is important to check and change these filters every two months. When you replace the filters, be sure to use high quality filters. Higher grade filters will protect your system better, and lowers your energy bills significantly. Along with the filters, the vents and air ducts need cleaning every few months too. Sometimes, this is not a DIY job. Call a professional HVAC company for help and advice on duct work and vent cleaning.

Remember to check your thermostat in the process of servicing your heat pump. The temperature setting on the thermostat should be lower than the actual room temperature. This ensures you get proper heating and cooling throughout your home. After this is checked off your list, take a look at your Freon levels; this can greatly influence the quality of your air flow.