Everything You Need To Know About Hunting Knife

Knives primarily have been used for survival. One knife of particular importance is the hunting knife. These fixed bladed weapons were mainly used for cutting rather than stabbing like a dagger. The length of the blade varies depending on what it is used for. Most hunting knives have a curved blade to assist in slicing through objects easily. The greater the curve, the easier it is for a hunter to skin animal carcasses.

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As humans we have been able to make knives out of anything accessible. Bones, rocks and teeth are several of the available objects used to make great cutting implements. Fixing a sharpened piece of rock to a stick and securing it with a piece of twine made from animal hide or gut was an ingenious invention which lead to the spear, axe, hatchet, arrow and knife. Centuries of trial and error have caused vast improvements on design. Entering the Bronze Age and Iron Age, humans refined knife production to a true science. visit directory now.

Hunting knives are single edged. Some are designed with serrations and hollow handles which enable storage of items that may be handy while in the field. These types of knives are referred to as survival knives which were issued to flight crews as standard equipment during WWII. The serrations were added to help a trapped crew member cut through the aluminum skin of an airplane should they become trapped inside. Survival knives have been used for hunting, fishing, skinning and chopping making them a quite versatile piece of equipment. Some even have compasses embedded on the hilt to aid in directional awareness. It won’t be surprising if they are fitted with GPS equipment in the future.

One variation is a cross between the hunting knife and short sword called a machete. In some places the machete is classified as a sword. Used primarily in the tropics for hacking, the machete has been popular among certain tribal factions. Many countries have locals who openly carry machetes as a sidearm. Because of this, the machete has been viewed as a melee weapon of choice for some rebel groups. In Africa, the machete has been considered a notorious weapon associated with the deaths of hundreds of people from various rival tribes.

One type of classic hunting knife is the Bowie knife. This large knife was designed in 1830 and is well known for assisting in defending the Alamo by its owner Jim Bowie. Over time there have been several modifications. Often times the Bowie knife has been confused with a heavier dagger called the “Arkansas toothpick”. Some of the characteristics of the Bowie knife include a notch at the base of the blade near the hilt called a “Spanish Notch”. The exact purpose of the notch is still being debated by historians. Another interesting feature is the fact that the point is lower than the spine. This unique design is called a “clip point”.

Although the hunting knife is mainly used for assisting the hunter in present times, its impact throughout history is truly amazing. It has aided humans in staying at the top of the food chain. When speaking to any hunter or outdoorsmen, they will always tell you that keeping a good knife along with the rest of your gear is an indispensable item of true value.