Portable Mobility Scooter Rental in Havertown-At A Glance 

There are many people who will use mobility scooters to get them around their homes or the grocery store. Although they offer them a sense of independence many people are still held back by them. One thing that keeps them from being able to use them efficiently is how heavy they are and how hard they are to transport.

A few years ago the only way that people could take these with them anywhere was if they had purchase a special lift that was placed on the back of their car. These are expensive and for many of us are quite difficult to install. Since then things have changed and scooter manufacturers have made things easier with the portable mobility scooter.

These are lightweight models which are able to be folded up and placed easily into the trunk of someone’s car. Gone are the days when the person needed to drive the scooter onto the lift and hope that it is secured enough not to fall off while driving. When they are inside the car they are sheltered from outside elements.You may find more details about this at  Portable Mobility Scooter Rental in Havertown.

There are two different types of portable scooters; convertible and foldable. The convertible model gives you the option of removing the front basket and steering. This transforms it into a mobile chair to a stand alone chair. It gives you the option of placing it in the bed of the truck or in the trunk of any mid sized car.

The foldable mobility scooter is designed to be very lightweight and to bend in half like a folding chair. These have almost no parts that you have to remove when you do this and it allows you to place it in smaller cars.